duminică, 25 septembrie 2016

The best otopeni airport transfer

If you just landed to the Otopeni airport (that is located in the northern part of the Romanian capital) then I would recommend you to get a local taxi in order to get the otopeni airport transfer to Bucharest in a very short amount of time.

A very interesting thing is that besides the local taxi companies, that can be very cheap, in the airport there are also a lot of more expensive taxi companies, that have rather a big price, inflatet, especially for the foreign travellers that don't really know what to expect regarding a fair pricing.

The city of Bucharest can be very crowded at peak hours (and in fact not only then) but it is still normal, as it is the host of over 3 million inhabitants.

Refarding the public transportation there is a subway system that is very well planned and works great, there are busses and trams, there are a lot of cabs with small price, and in fact everything is very well made and planned if you are to ignore the crowded streets.

From an accomodation point of view, there are a whole lot of hotels, with nice pricing (some of them) but also some more expensive international chains, but the overall accomodation quality is way better than in the crowded westeren cities, that are charging a whole lot of money for their services.

If you travel to Bucharest you have to see the Building of The Parliament (that in the past was named "Peoples house") and a lot of interesting Romanian museums - lihe the history museum or Antipa.

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